Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Are you looking for ways to become more involved? Revelle Residence Life has a variety of opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills. Click on the drawers below to learn more!

Resident Assistant

The primary role of the Resident Assistant (RA) is to create welcoming communities for students in university housing. RAs make opportunities for students to learn about themselves and others  and are responsible for facilitating the general safety and wellbeing of the community.

The RA, as a member of the Revelle Residence Life team, is supervised by an Assistant Director (AD). As a representative of the Office of Residence Life, RAs must abide by and uphold University regulations as well as state and federal law.

The RA position is a challenging and rewarding experience. There are opportunities for RAs to develop meaningful relationships with others in the community, as well as develop skills in many areas including leadership, communication, programming, counseling, and other transferable skills.   To find out more information, check out our RA Selection page.

Residence Life Intern

The Residence Life Intern (RLI) is a registered full-time student employee who will assist in providing additional programming and mentoring services to our residential students. The RLI interacts with their peers in the residence halls and works with the Residence Life staff to actively participate in the development of  comprehensive Residence Life programs to educate students in various areas, including (but not limited to) diversity and social justice, stress management, time management, study skills, and communication skills. The RLI is expected to serve as a resource to residents and Residence Life staff, therefore teamwork, availability, consistency, and interpersonal skills are of the utmost importance.

Email revreslife@ucsd.edu with questions regarding this leadership opportunity. 

Front Desk Assistant

Revelle College Residence Life Front Desk Assistants (FDAs) are registered full-time student employees who assist in providing information and services to our residential students, staff/faculty and guests. The FDAs work closely with the Revelle Resident Assistants, Residence Life Interns and Assistant Directors/ Resident Director. They gain valuable experience and information regarding campus resources and events. A few of the FDA job responsibilities are equipment check-outs, lock-outs, event ticket sales and general office support.

Applications for the Revelle College Center Front Desk Assistant position will open in spring quarter 2017.

E-mail revreslife@ucsd.edu with questions regarding this leadership opportunity.

Office Assistant

The Revelle College Residence Life Office Assistant (OA) is a registered full-time student employee who assists the Revelle Residence Life staff in general office duties and project support. Similar to the Front Desk Assistants, the OA assists in providing information and services to our residential students, staff/faculty and guests. The OA also works closely with the Revelle Resident Assistants, Residence Life Interns and Assistant Directors/ Resident Director and they also serve as a resource to the Front Desk Assistants. A few of the OA job responsibilities include finance support, equipment reservations, mailbox repair management, key inventory, conference room management, special projects and general office support. 

The Office Assistant position for the 2017-2018 academic year will open in spring quarter 2017.

Residence Hall Association

Interested in developing programming skills and gaining valuable experience helpful in pursuing a leadership position here at Revelle College? Are you looking for a way to get involved with your fellow Revelle residents in planning exciting events for the community? 

Then come join the Revelle Hall Association (RHA), where you can gain leadership and program planning experience while making new friends. Just to name a few, our quarterly events have included Bondfire @ the Plaza, Naked Juice Twister, and Chalk Up the Night! Help plan our quarterly Burnout Week - a week of relaxing events to de-stress during Finals Week. 

Be a community representative and bring ideas from the residents of your community to RHA while sharing RHA news with your community members or serve on our Executive Board in one of five positions: Chair, Vice Chair of Apartments, Vice Chair of Residence Halls, Secretary, Publicist, and Treasurer. Applications for RHA Chair are available during Spring Quarter of the previous academic year of service and applications for the other Executive Board positions and community representatives are available during Fall Quarter of the academic year of service or whenever vacancies arise. Send any questions to rhachair@ucsd.edu and hope to see you at our meetings, Mondays at 8 PM in the Revelle Conference Rooms!