FAQ's: Prospective Transfer Students

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What Placement or Proficiency Tests Do I Need to Take and When?

Usually transfer students do not need to take placement tests since placement can be made on the basis of prior coursework. Occasionally, students do need to take a language or math placement test. During the advising process, your counselor will let you know if you should take any placement tests. Proficiency tests are available in most languages. Your counselor can help you determine if you should take one.

What is The American History and Institiutions (AHI) Requirement and How Can I Meet it?

Most transfer students will have met this requirement with their high school American History class or with a transferable college course in American History or American Government with a grade of C or better. If you graduated from a California high school you have already met this requirement (please send your high school transcript to the UCSD Admissions Office). If you have not graduated from a California high school and do not have transferable courses which meet this requirement you will want to visit the Revelle College website for more information on  alternate ways to meet the requirement.

When and How Will I Register For Classes?

Go to the New Student Website. This site will guide you through the online advising sessions, including consultation, with your major department. Go to TritonLink to view your appointment time for enrolling in classes.

College Academic Counselors will review your academic information and confirm your classes.
Go to TritonLink to enroll online at your appointment start time.

Where Can aTransfer Student Hang Out and Meet Other Students?

  • The Why Not Here? Lounge is available from 9am-9pm on weekdays and offers comfortable leather chairs, a pool table, and affordable snacks. They also rent out commuter lockers. Roger’s Place and Market, a convenience store, is open M-F 11am-12am and Sat-Sun 8pm-12am.

  • The Grove Café in the Student Center has food and coffee and is near the Craft Center; you might even want to sign up for a crafts class in neon, jewelry, glass blowing, welding, ceramics, etc. Just upstairs is the Treehouse Lounge, which offers computers, couches, and chairs along with a great view.

  • The Game Room at the Price Center is great for billiards and arcade games, while the Commuter Concourse (in Price Center East) is a great place to relax and hang out with other students.

  • The Women's Center offers many interesting programs and can help you connect with the child care facilities on campus.

  • The Cross Cultural Center offers a lounge as well as a schedule of diverse programs. 

  • There is always the Geisel Library and the Biomedical Library.

  • The LGBT Resource Center offers conference rooms/lounges and laptops for rent as well as a schedule of programs.

The Assistant Dean of Student affairs invites transfer students to many programs throughout the year.  For more information about getting involved with the Revelle Transfer Student Network or any other program, feel free to contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs or call 858-534-3493.

The Revelle Commuter Lounge (in Blake Hall, just off the Plaza) is open 24 hours a day (weekdays only) and has a TV, microwave, comfortable couches, Wi-Fi, and study areas. They also serve an all-you-can-eat commuter breakfast for 50 cents every other Friday.

When May I Visit The Campus?