Frequently Asked Questions: Prospective Students

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What is unique about UC San Diego?

What distinguishes Revelle?

Revelle College, the oldest at UCSD, has tightly structured curriculum requirements, an internationally recognized faculty and students with unusually successful records of admittance to graduate and professional schools. The College's general education requirements are partitioned into roughly one third each of: Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Fine Arts and Foreign Languages. Students usually concentrate their upper-division course work on professional studies in their major.

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What majors are available at UC San Diego?

UCSD offers over 125 majors. All majors from the Division of Bilogical Sciences and the following majors from the School of Engineering: Aerospace Engineering, Bioengineering, Biotechnology and Mechanical Engineering, accept students into their program only at the time of admission to the University.

Students graduating in almost every major can apply to medical, law and business schools. For example, the most common undergraduate majors for medical students are biology, chemistry, bioengineering and psychology, but increasing numbers of premedical students are electing non-science majors.

Undergraduate Majors at UCSD

What placement tests must be taken and when?

Information about placement tests is located here.

How and when will I enroll in classes?

Students will receive information concerning online enrollment through the summer orientation sessions and through the New Student Web Site.

How will the AP and IB exams I have taken affect my schedule for 1st quarter at UC San Diego?

Students will receive 4 to 8 units of university credit for AP examinations in which they earn a score of 3, 4, or 5; 8 units of credit for a score of 5, 6, or 7 on the Higher Level IB exams (no credit granted for Standard Level exams). These credits can exempt students from placement testing and count toward the total units required for graduation. Most can be used to meet college or department requirements other than humanities/writing. Refer to the AP chart or the IB chart for Revelle if you have any questions.

What are the current registration fees and estimated costs for UC San Diego?

When will I hear about my Financial Aid and/or scholarship application?

All admitted students can view their financial aid status by accessing TritonLink

What computer facilities are available?

Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) maintains computing facilities for UCSD students, provides accounts for using them, and offers on-line help and student assistants to guide you. ACMS maintains nearly 1400 computer workstations located in computer labs and libraries throughout the campus including the Blake Hall computer lab for Revelle students. Please see the ACMS home page for more information.

All on-campus housing facilities are equipped with data service through cable data modems. The cost of the data connection is included in the housing payment. For students living off campus please view our Connedting From Off Campus information, for on-campus accounts see ResNet. All students are assigned E-mail accounts.

What kinds of student activities are available?

A wide variety of student activities and programs are available at UCSD. Many are college-based; others offer the opportunity for campus-wide involvement. Events in the Revelle Plaza, commuter breakfasts, community service projects and programs focusing on student leadership, increasing cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity, and campus pride and spirit are but a few of the hundreds of activities available within Revelle College. Committee positions and leadership opportunities abound for both resident and commuter students. The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) gives students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and the One-on-One Program is a mentor-mentee prgram that matches new students with current Revelle students for the first year. In addition to college programs and activities, there are many opportunities available for involvement campus-wide with over 450 student organizations, including student publications, student government, intercollegiate athletics, state of the art campus recreation facilities, a dance studio, and fraternities and sororities. Check out our Revelle student committee web pages.