American Cultures 

One course in American Cultures is required, for students who DO NOT need to meet the University Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) requirement. You must meet this requirement if you are

  • Freshmen who entered before Fall 2011
  • Transfer student (without IGETC) who entered before Fall 2013

This requirement may be taken Pass/Not Pass.

Approved American Cultures Courses

(**Only for Freshmen before Fall 2011 and Transfers (without IGETC) before Fall 2013**)

  • ANTH 23 (Anthropology) – Debating Multiculturalism: Race, Ethnicity, and Class in American Societies
  • ETHN 1 (Ethnic Studies) - Introduction to Ethnic Studies: Land and Labor 
  • ETHN 2 (Ethnic Studies) - Introduction to Ethnic Studies: Circulations of Difference
  • ETHN 3 (Ethnic Studies) – Introduction to Ethnic Studies: Making Culture
  • HILD 7A (History) – Race & Ethnicity in the United States
  • HILD 7B (History) – Race & Ethnicity in the United States: Asian American History
  • HILD 7C (History) – Race & Ethnicity in the United States: Chicana/o History since 1848
  • LIGN 7 (Linguistics/General) - Sign Language and its Culture
  • LIGN 8 (Linguistics/General) – Languages and Cultures in America
  • SOCI 1 (Sociology) – Introduction to Sociology
  • USP 1 (Urban Studies and Planning) - History of US Urban Communities

Note:  AP or IB credit may not be used to satisfy this requirement.