Applying to Graduate

Graduation and commencement are two distinct terms.

Graduation is the term used to describe when a student has completed all requirements and his/her degree has been officially conferred by the Registrar’s Office. Students must file a Degree and Diploma Application (DDA).

Commencement is the annual ceremony in which eligible students participate. Participation in the commencement ceremony does not constitute official graduation from the University. Any student with Senior standing (135 units) may choose to participate in the commencement ceremony.  Read more about commencement.

How to Apply for Graduation

  • Before applying, view your Degree Audit on TritonLink to ensure all graduation requirements are complete (all blue).  The NCAA/Electives may appear red on degree audit (these are the last three sections on the far right column).  Consult with a Revelle Academic Counselor. For questions about General Education or University requirements, contact Revelle College Academic Advising via the VAC. For questions about major or minor requirements, contact the appropriate department.
  • Verify that your name, permanent address, majors and minors are reflected accurately on Tritonlink.
  • Once you have verified that all graduation requirements will be completed by your intended quarter of graduation, within the application periods noted below:

    DDA File Dates
  • If you fail to meet the graduation requirements by the end of the quarter for which you applied, you must retract your original graduation application and submit another DDA for your new quarter of graduation. Contact Revelle College through the VAC to retract your DDA.

DDA Review and Approval Process

  • When grades are final your major department will review your audit.
  • After major approval has been granted, Revelle College will review the General Education and University requirements and send the audit to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Degrees will be conferred by the Office of the Registrar within 90 days after final grades are posted.
  • Check your Academic History on TritonLink to verify that your degree has been conferred.
  • Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address 30-90 days after your degree has been posted.  Find out more about ordering transcripts and degree verification via the Registrar’s Office.

University Latin Honors

UC  San Diego Academic Senate has established this standard for award of University Honors at graduation: 

No more than 14 percent of the graduating seniors on campus shall be eligible for college Honors. Normally, no more than the top 2 percent shall be eligible for summa cum laude and no more than the next 4 percent for magna cum laude, although minor variations from year to year shall be permitted. The remaining 8 percent are eligible for cum laude. The ranking of students for eligibility for college Honors shall be based upon the grade point average. In addition, to be eligible for Honors, a student must receive letter grades for at least eighty quarter-units of course work at the University of California. Each college may award Honors at graduation only to those who are eligible to receive college Honors.

2015-2016 Eligibility 

Cum laude – 3.695 - 3.928
Magna cum laude - 3.830 - 3.929
Summa cum laude – 3.930 - 4.000

Graduate/Professional Schools

Dean Certification- Records Check Request Form [PDF]

If you would like to request a that a dean's certification form be completed or other records check be conducted, please complete and return the following form with any relevant documents by one of the following methods:

  • Mail to:
    Revelle College Dean of Student Affairs Office
    9500 Gilman Drive #0321
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0321
  • Fax to (858)534-4663 with attention to the Dean of Student Affairs Office

Please note that on the form, "Dates of Attendance" refers to your time at UCSD. If you have any questions about completing the form please contact our office at (858)534-3493.